Santa Susanna has become an established sports tourism destination cyclists from all round the world thanks to its specialist accommodation, appealing mountain bike trails for all types of cyclist, customised services and a great cycling atmosphere.

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MTB Route 17 – From Santa Susanna to Tordera

An interesting and highly comprehensive route switching from the coastal side of Montnegre to the inland slopes, looking out onto the El Vallès and la Selva districts. There are sections of varying difficulty, in both technical and physical terms, a wide variety of flora given the changing altitude and orientation of the slopes, as well as different areas ranging from highly developed to completely uninhabited. In short, a fine example of what the Montnegre massif has to offer.

Starting point: Plaça Llillota.

Route: Can Mestre – Can Jordà – Molí d’en Rufo (ancient ruins of Santa Susanna village) –Sant Miquel de Vallmanya – Les Ferreres – Can Nasi – Tordera (Information Point) – Mas Reixach – Turó Gros de Miralles – Pista Panoràmica de Miralles – Turó de la Guilla – Quatre Camins – Sant Pere del Riu – Plaça Llillota

Approximate duration: 4 h

Difficulty: very difficult

Distance: 25.4 km

Elevation: 300 m