During the 15th and 17th centuries, the Catalan coastline suffered numerous pirate raids. The population of Santa Susanna built large towers and fortified their homes to protect themselves against these dangers, keeping a watch on the sea and raising the alarm if corsairs were sighted. A number of these towers still remain today in Santa Susanna. Would you like to explore them?

‘Towers in Sight’ Route: sign up for the guided tour of the town’s various fortified towers, along with a visit to the paintings in the church and the town cooperative, to enjoy a tasting of local produce. For information about terms and bookings, please contact the Santa Susanna Tourism Office.


Torre Montagut

Carrer dels Nards, s/n, Santa Susanna

Carrer dels Nards, Santa Susanna

The Montagut tower was built in the 19th century. It is tower number 213 on the line of civil optical telegraphy towers, on the branch from Barcelona to La Jonquera. As with the Torre de Can Bonet, it has a rectangular layout, but in this case has never been restored.