Santa Susanna News


The 68th International Raid of Santa Susanna reunited 133 binomes of all around the world

7 de December de 2021

“The oldest endurance equestrian event in Europe manages to bring together the cream of the crop for this type of competition

On the weekend of December 3, 4 and 5, Santa Susanna has once again welcomed the main riders and riders on the international scene. A total of 133 combinations (jockey/rider and horse) have competed in the last great test of the season. In the CEI1* 45 combinations have participated; in the CEIJY1*, 13 binomials; in the CEI2*, 55 binomials and in the CEI3*, 20 binomials.

Those registered in the test have come from Germany, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, France, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italian, Mexico, Monaco, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Also present at the race was the motorcycling world champion, Àlex Crivillé, who came in 12th position. In total, some 300 people have spent the night in the town’s hotels.

The winners have been, in the queen event, the CEI3*, the rider Juntin Mourou with Dragueuz de Pacouli AA; in the CEI*, the Amazon, Paula Muntalà with Mangawave AA; at CEI2*, Agda Muixi with Ezil de Flauzins; and in CEIYJ1*, the winner was Claudia Pérez with Avia Polvorillo.

This is the oldest equestrian event in Europe and the one that brings together the best specialists in this modality. It is a competition organized by the Catalan Equestrian Federation, the Spanish Federation and the Garbí Equestrian Club.”