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Santa Susanna lives the first cycling festival!

22 de April de 2021
  • Santa Susanna lives the first cycling festival!

On April 17 and 18, we celebrated the first edition of the Santa Susanna Bike Festival, with the participation of amateur cyclists and with the presence of leading world figures.


During those days, Santa Susanna, for a few hours, became the capital of cycling, choosing the most energetic international events, but also the discovery of a quiet and welcoming space by bicycle.


On Saturday morning, we celebrated eBike Day, a day where cyclists discovered the trails of our village in an electric mountain bike test. A proposal for a non-competitive mountain bike activity (electric or conventional), which valued the heritage, nature, and gastronomy of the town. And also, with the Children’s Catalonia Cup, the boys and girls were able to compete and run in a Mountain Bike, on routes adapted to the different categories.


Also and also during those days, Santa Susanna was the capital of MTB cycling, with the presence of leading world figures.


The French rider of the Massi team, Thomas Griot, was the winner of the Catalan BTT International Biking Point Cup. All the specialized and general media that covered the competition highlighted the organization and the circuit so characteristic of Santa Susanna’s, since the circuit combined, in equal parts, toughness, and beauty.

Behind Griot came the Spanish champion, David Valera, and the French cyclist, Joshua Dubau.


Also, that same Saturday, the U23 world champion, Leona Lecomte, was proclaimed the winner of the continental Super Cap Massi de Santa Susanna. The podium of this women’s competition was completed by Julie Bresset and the Estonian champion, Janila Loivre.


During that weekend, the Children’s Catalonia Cup was also played in the categories of pre-baby, baby, beginner, juvenile, and infant.


Santa Susanna, as a sports tourism destination, reaffirms with events like this one, its firm commitment to sports, with the organization of sports events aimed at elite athletes, professional athletes, amateur athletes, and tourists.


These types of events require the effort and coordination of various sectors of our town, such as commerce and hospitality, which have worked and are working tirelessly to adapt their services to the needs of the participants in these competitions.


A clear example of this is the accommodation in our town, which is adapted to practice sports since many of them have gyms, massage services, spaces to leave the bicycle and wash it and special meals.



Without a doubt, we lived an exciting sports weekend.