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Santa Susanna launches the advertising campaign “El oasis del Mediterráneo”

15 de June de 2021

Three minutes longer video shows the natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions of the municipality and reveals the range of possibilities to enjoy a quiet but fun holiday

At the point to start the touristic season, Santa Susanna presents the video “Santa Susanna, el oasis del Mediterráneo”. It’s about a 3-minute spot where it shows the touristic destination commitment to quality based on sustainability and the technology of the municipality, made up of its cultural, natural and gastronomic values. 

The video uses the most appropriate techniques to create a product full of sensitivity. It accompanies the viewer through the corners of Santa Susanna and invites them to discover its heritage. With a soundtrack that matches the tone and the content of the spot, the advertising shows the possibilities of the municipality and encourages the viewer to immerse in the streets of the town to find the corners surrounded by nature, culture or sea. It also shows the adaptation of the Santa Susanna tourist destination to new technologies and artificial intelligence, to put it at the service of the visitor as a method to guarantee a safe, immersive and complete experience. 

Link to see the spot “Santa Susanna, el oasis del Mediterráneo”

(Link to view the spot “Santa Susanna, the oasis of the Mediterranean”).