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Santa Susanna has more than 200 products on the Inventrip platform for visitor to invent their own trip

29 de July de 2021
  • Santa Susanna has more than 200 products on the Inventrip platform for visitor to invent their own trip

The tourist who moves through the town has on his position a smartphone with all the interesting information in real-time and geolocated, thanks to the signal provided by the network of 25 beacons and 3 strategically installed geobeacons.

Santa Susanna, Thursday 29 of July of 2021.- Santa Susanna already has more than 200 products on the Inventrip platform so that the tourist can plan his stay in town. Inventrip is a free platform ( of information and management of intelligent touristic signage that allows you to consult the offer of Santa Susanna, make a reservation, invent a tailor-made trip, and share it through social media. The touristic destination of Santa Susanna has been using it for four years. And, in fact, it was the first on the Catalan coast that used smart signage to connect the tourist digitally.

The Inventrip platform offers the tourist a geolocated map about all the thing that can be useful: essential services with policies or doctors; public transport as train or bus station; guided tours and excursions; historical and cultural places of interest; beaches, restaurants, hotels, shops and local and km0 handicraft products, etc. Available in 5 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, and German.

The last goal of all of this is obvious: to have all Santa Susanna on your laptop or smartphone in one touch, without having to search on the ethernet or without having to go to the Tourist Office. In this way, we achieved that the visitor invests his time in enjoying the destination and doesn’t waste it in searching how to do it.

And thinking about the visitors that are already in Santa Susanna, the destination has gone one step further and has to turn into one of the first touristic places to use beacons devices to offer continuous, updated, and geolocated information for the phone. To have this kind of service, all you have to do is download Inventrip App on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth.

The beacons emit a signal in a radius of 60 meters with information and data that the app captures on the mobile. A total of 25 beacons are installed and operating in Santa Susanna. They are strategically located on Avenida del Mar, in Torrentó de Can Gelat, the Carrefour shopping area, and the urban center, with the objective, that the visitor receives in real-time any interesting information of the municipality. This is 25 active points of information operating during the 24 hours of the day and is constantly updated. This coverage is complete with 3 geobeacons that cover a radius of 250 meters and there are located in the Torrentó car park, in Platja de Llevant, and Platja de les Dunes.

This service is part of the people’s commitment to being an intelligent Touristic Destination (DTI). The municipalities that are part of the DTI network use technology to ensure that their visitors enjoy an attractive and enriching experience. This is the double commitment of Santa Susanna: technology as a way to enjoy a unique experience, but also as a sustainable tool because it discards elements and products that harm the environment, both by obtaining them and by deleting them.

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