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The 2021 Fitness World Cup held in Santa Susanna with more than 3,000 people from 102 countries has been a success!

12 de November de 2021
  • The 2021 Fitness World Cup held in Santa Susanna with more than 3,000 people from 102 countries has been a success!

The event has had an economic impact of 1 million euros and has generated millions of comments, photos, and references from the town on social networks around the world.


Santa Susanna has once again exceeded the organization of a major international sporting event. From November 3 to 8, our town has once again asserted the attribute for which the tourist destination of Santa Susanna is known: the world capital of fitness. During these days it has been the headquarters of the 2021 Bodybuilding, Fitness, Junior & Master World Championship organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB).


More than 1,800 athletes from 102 countries participated in this world championship, which is considered the most important of the entire IFBB international calendar. Santa Susanna has been responsible, once again, for the organization in constant contact with the “Secretaría General del Deporte de la Generalitat” and the “Consejo Superior de Deportes” that depends on the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports.


In addition to the Fitness Championship, Santa Susanna has also been the setting of the 2021 IFBB World Congress. It was inaugurated on November 3 by the mayor, Joan Campolier. Chaired by Dr. Rafael Santonja, it brought together the representatives of the world elite of this sport. Among others, in Santa Susanna were the Sheikh of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates, Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Sharqi.


The economic forecasts projected by the organization have been met. The Congress and the Fitness World Cup have brought some 3,000 people to Santa Susanna who has stayed in the town’s hotels. The 16,000 overnight stays by athletes and companions, plus consumption in shops and establishments in the town, represent a positive impact for Santa Susanna of more than one million euros.


Beyond the economic impact, this event also means a new boost to the international image of Santa Susanna. Especially thanks to the millions of followers that fitness has around the world and the millions of posts with videos, photos, and comments that have been distributed through social networks.
The “Santa Susanna, fitness capital of the World” project, was born in 2003, and to date, more than 29 international championships have been held, and more than 48,000 elite athletes have competed in Santa Susanna.