Santa Susanna has become an established sports tourism destination cyclists from all round the world thanks to its specialist accommodation, appealing mountain bike trails for all types of cyclist, customised services and a great cycling atmosphere.

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Route 1 – Santa Susanna-Mataró-Sant Celoni

The route runs close to the coast heading SW as far as Sant Pol de Mar, where it then branches away from the shoreline towards the N, in Mataró, along the S face of the coastal plains. Mataró, the capital of the Maresme district, is a historic industrial and trading town that in 1848 opened the first railway in Spain. The route then turns once again towards the N, crossing the Corredor and heading onto the planes of El Vallès as far as Sant Celoni, before then returning to the Maresme. Mention should be made of the climb after leaving Sant Pol de Mar up to Arenys de Munt, covering 8 km with inclines of 8%, the climb from Dosrius to the Bordoi col (3 km, with inclines of 8%), and lastly the climb up to Collsacreu, covering 8 km with inclines likewise of 8%.

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Districts: Maresme-Vallès Oriental

Main waypoints: Santa Susanna, Sant Pol de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Mataró, Argentona, Llinars del Vallés, Sant Celoni, Arenys de Munt, Santa Susanna

Distance: 97.8km

Climb: 1,085 m

Duration: 4 h 55 min

Types of roadway used: National highway with wide hard shoulder, district highways in good condition but without hard shoulder, urban streets.

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