Santa Susanna has a long-standing basketball tradition, with a number of teams taking part in the regional competition.

The Santa Susanna Ennis. All’s ground is 10 minutes away from the hotel district, in the town centre.

As well as its own basketball court, 20 minutes from Santa Susanna there are numerous other sporting facilities available.

Other services:

  • Rental of sports equipment for training, with prior booking.
  • Organisation of matches against local teams in different categories.
  • Contact with local coaches for specific training sessions.
  • Sports competitions all year round.
  • Organisation of sports tournaments on the prior request.
  • Leisure activities such as visits to the grounds of Joventut de Badalona and FC Barcelona, and water parks with special discounts.

Santa Susanna Sports Coordinator
Tel.93 767 84 41, Monday to Friday, 50 a.m. to 9 p.m)


Basketball clubs and organisations

Santa Susanna Basketball Club

Santa Susanna Basketball Club has, in partnership with Malgrat Basketball Club, set up the AECAM (Alt Maresme District Sports Association). It fulfils a social and sporting function, for all those who choose to see sport as a way of life and a team experience, without worrying too much whether they win or lose. Each club has a basketball Academy and its own personality, with its members and governing board. Above this governing board is the management board (made up of members of each club),, to decide about issues affecting the whole Association. There is a wide range of teams on offer, together with support from qualified coaches and sports coordinators.

Teams (Santa Susanna): male seniors, male juniors, male youngsters 1, 2 and 3, boys, young boys, younger boys (school age) and basketball academy (non-competitive).

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