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Paret d’en Ratés

Camí de la Riera, Santa Susanna

The Paret d’en Ratés is the name given to this water conduit, built in the 19th century. It represents an example of vernacular construction, making use of water resources as a part of the network channelling water as far as the Can Ratés estate. The conduit that can be seen today has been restored, and measures 195 metres in length, although it originally covered several kilometres. Agriculture was a hugely important resource for Santa Susanna, above all the progressive shift from non-irrigated to irrigated crops. This is clearly shown by the conduit, alongside other such architectural elements as the Jordà flour mill, the great many water tanks, wells and other pipelines to be found in the town. The scale of the Paret d’en Ratés bears witness to the key role played by this family as the main landowners of Santa Susanna. For all these reasons, the Town Council awarded it BCIL (Site of Local Cultural Interest) protection status in 2008.