Churches and Chapels

A stroll around the history of Santa Susanna seen through its churches and chapels.


The former chapel of Santa Susanna

Riera de Santa Susanna, s/n, Santa Susanna

The old chapel of Santa Susanna gives the town its name: “It is a small Romanesque church of about four metres by four, which would seem to date from before 1189, since this is the time when the valley’s name of Alfata began to be replaced (in a large part of the documents) by that of Santa Susanna. (…) The devotees invoked her protection in the healing of hernias and against the wrath of a sea storm.” (Dr. Massons, Història de la Vila de Santa Susanna, p. 367). A stone shield recalls that of Can Ratés, showing that the farmhouse and the chapel belonged to the same family. During the Spanish civil war the chapel was burned down and used as a prison.

The chapel was renovated in the 16th century and restored by its owners in 1999. It is private, so no admission is allowed.