Churches and Chapels

A stroll around the history of Santa Susanna seen through its churches and chapels.


Chapel of Sant Isidre

Plaça Llillota, s/n, Santa Susanna

The chapel of San Isidore suffered as a result of the building of the Maresme motorway. This meant that the original construction of 1920, which was made possible by small donations from the residents of Santa Susanna, had to be demolished and rebuilt a few metres away in 1995. It now stands in the middle of Llillota square, a site of great natural beauty, ideal for strolling and resting.

Isidore the Labourer or of Madrid (1080-1130) was a farmer from Madrid who was canonised in the 17th century. Since 1622, he has been the patron of farmers in Catalonia. The Feast of San Isidore has been celebrated in the chapel since 28/03/1934, on the decision of the municipal council, “having agreed in session on 28 March to encourage everyone to celebrate it by going to the chapel at Llillota and playing bows and arrows on the plain nearby.” (Dr. Massons, Història de la Vila de Santa Susanna, p. 244).