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Visit Torres Vista! and local souvenirs

18 de September de 2018
  • Visit Torres Vista! and local souvenirs

Santa Susanna is a vestige of the constant pirate attacks suffered by the Catalan Coast of the 15th and 18th centuries. The inhabitants of Santa Susanna built large towers and fortified their houses to protect themselves from these dangers. From the towers could see the sea and alert of the arrival of the pirates.

Some of these towers are still standing and it is possible to visit them, go into some of them and breathe the pirate world.

Currently there are 6 of these towers in the municipality of Santa Susanna.

Can Ratés is a farmhouse that has a refuge tower. It is attached to it and it was where the stables were located.

Mas Galter was another of the towers with a cylindrical plan and cut out by the upper part. Currently it is privately owned.

Can Bonet d’Avall has a quadrangular tower dating from the 15th century. It is estimated that reforms were made in 1805 where the upper part was modified.

Montagut Tower is also rectangular in shape and is the 213 tower of the line of civil optical telegraph towers of the Barcelona branch in la Jonquera. It is a tower similar to the previous one but without the restoration made.

The Tower of the Sea located in the Avenue of the Sea is of cylindrical model and at the moment it is the station of the municipality of Santa Susanna.

The Vall Xirau Tower, tot be located dins d’una proprietat deprived, is pot veure the seva cylindrical plant dated from the segle XVI.


The Santa Susanna Tourist Office offers the possibility of a guided tour of different towers, together with the paintings of the church and the Masia de Can Ratés. In the end, a tasting of local products is offered that will not leave you indifferent. The approximate time of this route is 1.30h.


Take the most original memory of this visit and your holiday in Santa Susanna with handmade products. A total of 5 pieces that keep the Can Ratés Tower as its main element, a symbol that summarizes the essence of Santa Susanna. 3 different models of necklaces and the souvenir that never fails, the perfect gift to remember your holidays, a magnet. As a last and more special element, a box in the shape of the Tower of Can Ratés. A decorative gift that every time you see it, it will make you remember your magnificent holidays. You can see the products here 


For more information, reservations of the guided tour and purchase any of these souvenirs, are available at the Santa Susanna Tourist Office located on Avenida del Mar. You will not regret it!


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