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The Maresme has 60 alternative tourist information points, including Santa Susanna

28 de December de 2017

The modernist jewel of the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch, the house Coll i Regàs managed by the Iluro Foundation, welcomed the delivery of the plates and dispensers to companies and entities of the Maresme that have joined the program to form part of the network of Points of Tourist information of the region, which has a greater number of establishments in Catalonia.


The Consorci de Promoció Turística del Maresme, chaired by Joaquim Arnó, has been in charge of instructing those who have decided to be tourist informants outside the official points already established in all municipalities. “These are places where you can get information about the region after hours,” summarized Arnó, who also announced future investments for a program emanating from European ERDF funds that will bring together all municipal tourism initiatives to include detailed information through networks. .

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