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Santa Susanna Spreads Its Smart Signage Model At The Digital Tourist Congress 2019

23 de October de 2019

Held in Benidorm and is the digital industry benchmark forum for Smart Travel Destinations

The City Council of Santa Susanna has explained its model of smart signage to the digital industry sector that works for smart tourist destinations. It was at the Digital Tourist Congress 2019 that was held in Benidorm (Marina Baixa) on October 17 and 18. The congress, organized by the “Patronal” of the digital technology industry sector in Spain, AMETIC, has brought together representatives from the tourism secto, administrations and the technology industry.

Santa Susanna has been one of the speakers at the table “Signage for Smart Tourist Destinations” and has presented her smart signage project developed by Inventrip, in collaboration with Barcelona Provincial Council. This project places Santa Susanna at the forefront in the tourism sector as it complies with UNE Standard 178503 of Semantics in Intelligent Destinations. In fact, it is one of the first destinations to complies the standard. Having done the Smart Signage project means having a scalable data model, demand segmentation by using the 55 types of tourism used in the standard, SEO improvement and supply characterization (geolocation, thematicization and hierarchy of tourism resources and services).

Santa Susanna’s comprehensive signage plan incorporates the best technologies in the market: beacons, NFC cards, QR codes and virtual geobalances. It also provides information for big data analysis and already has integration API with the future smart platform of the population.

The Digital Tourist Congress 2019 has worked on artificial intelligence in tourism; smart mobility; accessible tourism; smart tourist destinations; nature tourism; heritage and culture; public procurement; innovative tourism public procurement; tourist smart offices; signage; platform and tourist UNE 178; and tourism and the SDGs.

The Congress was chaired by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, and the President of Segittur, Enrique Martínez. Benidorm hosted the last plenary session of the Smart Tourist Destinations Network (DTI), which approved the entry of new partners, including Santa Susanna.


This organization already has 105 members.