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Inventrip, the app which plan your vacations in Santa Susanna

11 de July de 2018

There is little left for that moment so longed for all year round, the summer holidays.

With family, friends or a partner, planning a holiday can be a laborious and somewhat stressful task.


Today, we want to present you a mobile app that will help you to plan your vacations in Santa Susanna, before and during your visit. So simple.


Inventrip is a free app that offers help to tourists in Santa Susanna to enjoy even more your chosen holiday destination. Available in 6 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German and Russian, they will make your holiday on the Costa of Barcelona the best of your life.


Without previous registration and only including Santa Susanna as a holiday destination, you will have all the necessary information to plan your trip.


The app provides different plans, according to your interests. If you are a beach lover, it shows you the beaches of the town that you can’t miss, as well as its special characteristics. If, on the other hand, you are an architecture lover, the Masia of Can Ratés or Ermida de Gracia will be a mandatory stop on your holidays.


It’s so easy to organize your trip to Santa Susanna. During your stay, Inventrip will be your best ally. Through smart signals located in different parts of the municipality, when the gadget is near these points, an alert will appear on the mobile phone informing you that you are in an interesting area for your visit, for restaurants or even provide you the indications to get to it without having internet or Bluetooth enabled.


Do not hesitate and download Inventrip, a free app that will warn you to not miss anything in Santa Susanna.

Everything you need to know about Santa Susanna in your hands!



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