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Arrives at Santa Susanna Dinosaurs Tour

13 de July de 2018
  • Arrives at Santa Susanna Dinosaurs Tour

Dinosaurs Tours is the largest exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs and is installed under a large tent in the Santa Susanna promenade. It has thirty unpublished pieces of real size that simulate the behavior of these prehistoric animals.

The largest traveling exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs arrives in Santa Susanna this summer under a large tent located on the Promenade, with an area of more than 1,000 square meters.

This traveling exhibition that has traveled more than a dozen European countries (Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland or Romania, among others) has thirty unpublished pieces in real size, visitors can see the latest developments technological The dinosaurs that we exhibit move and even breathe! “Juan Comín exclaims, responsible for the exhibition. “It’s a real Jurassic Park”, adds Comín.

Dinosaurs Tour exposes Triceratops, Tyrannosaurs, Protoceratops, Parasaourolophus, Estsegosaures, Espinosaures, Diplodocus and the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex in real size, among others. In addition to the pieces, didactic projections are made about the way of life of this prehistoric fauna and there are surprises. “The little ones at home are surprised. Their movements are so realistic that some children believe they are real “, explains Comín.

Natural habitat

“We combine entertainment and fun for the little ones, along with a wide pedagogical factor so they can learn while they marvel at these giants,” says the organizer. To make the exhibition more impactful and real, the natural habitats of these magnificent pieces are reproduced in scenes composed of vegetation and scenography designed according to scientific studies on the characteristics of the earth at that time.

The exhibition has informative and descriptive panels with scientific details about the geological eras, theories about the extinction of dinosaurs and data on the recovery of fossil remains.


Every day from 11:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and from 18:00 p.m to 21:00 p.m during two months. Tickets can be purchased for 7 euros at the ticket offices of the exhibition.

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