During the 15th and 17th centuries, the Catalan coastline suffered numerous pirate raids. The population of Santa Susanna built large towers and fortified their homes to protect themselves against these dangers, keeping a watch on the sea and raising the alarm if corsairs were sighted. A number of these towers still remain today in Santa Susanna. Would you like to explore them?

‘Towers in Sight’ Route: sign up for the guided tour of the town’s various fortified towers, along with a visit to the paintings in the church and the town cooperative, to enjoy a tasting of local produce. For information about terms and bookings, please contact the Santa Susanna Tourism Office.


Towers Ahoy! guided tour

The Catalan coast suffered numerous pirate attacks during the 6th and 18th centuries. To

monitor the sea and warn of the arrival of these dangers, the people of Santa Susanna built large towers and fortified their farmhouses to protect their inhabitants. There are still some of these towers in Santa Susanna. Do you want to know them?

INCLUDES:Guided walking tour from the Santa Susanna Tourist Office, visit to the paintings of the Church, in the Can Ratés farmhouse and its gardens and end of the route with a tasting of local products. Approximate time 1.30h.

Information and bookings at the Tourist Office of Santa Susanna
Avinguda del Mar, s/n
08398 Santa Susana
Tel. 93 767 90 08 – 93 767 92

Notes of interest:
Route available every day of the week except Sundays, and on request.
Route exclusive for groups, minimum 15 and maximum 50 people.
Price per person € 5.50

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